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  • Full name: HUCONS Construction Company Limited
  • Abbreviations: HUCONS
  • Tax code: 0316648830
  • Address: Floor 1, 39 Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, Ward 1, Go Vap District, HCMC
  • Phone: 0937000238
  • Website: hucons.vn
  • Email: info@hucons.vn
hinhg ảnh desginer

"Prestige built from quality, builds trust"

For complex-scale projects, the optimal solution is to choose a general contractor. This helps investors/customers save time and costs, ensures the quality of the project, and minimizes risks during the construction and post-construction maintenance stages.

HUCONS is not just a General Contractor, but also a skilled architect, creating space and architecture. We provide a comprehensive package from applying for construction permits, architectural and structural design, cost estimates to construction and completion of the project.

We take pride in our team of young, enthusiastic, and dynamic staff and managers with extensive experience. We are committed to delivering quality and sophisticated projects in every aspect of construction and completion, realizing the significant projects and creating the most livable spaces for residents.

HUCONS is committed to providing investors with exceptional benefits such as:

– Time and cost savings
– Ensuring project quality
– Addressing emerging issues
– Offering comprehensive solutions
– Consulting and supporting Investors

Our primary areas of operation include:
– General contractor for design and construction (Design and Build)
– General contractor for civil and industrial projects
– Construction of mechanical, electrical and Plumping systems (MEP)