Vision and core values


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Our aspiration is to establish HUCONS as aa professional, reputable general contractor brand specializing in the design and construction of industrial and civil projects. We aim to deliver true value through successful project execution and development, contributing to the prosperity of our customers.


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HUCONS is dedicated to creating high-quality projects that meet strict technical and aesthetic criteria, ensuring ideal living spaces for all residents. We are committed to customer satisfaction in every construction project, as trust is the cornerstone of our sustainable future. We also engage in community activities, serve society, and strive to create a conducive working environment and welfare for our employees. Our philosophy is: Work diligently, Bring Value, and Live happily.

Core Value

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High Quality and Performance

HUCONS is committed to ensuring that all our construction projects meet the strictest standards in terms of technical and aesthetic design, quality of materials, and safety throughout the construction process and project handover. We strive to optimize performance in the design and construction process to ensure efficiency.


Reputation and Transparency

We are transparent and maintain trust in all our business relationships, with our employees and the community. This is crucial for HUCONS to build and maintain the goodwill with our partners and customers.


Innovation and Creativity

HUCONS constantly innovates, researches, and finds effective and optimal construction solutions. This approach not only helps investors save costs but also maximizes profits and reduces risks.


Labor Safety and Environmental Protection

Safety is our top priority at HUCONS construction sites. We strictly control safety work at the project and maintain good hygiene in the work environment.


People are our focus

People are the key factor for all our success and sustainable development. We regularly organize training to improve skills, knowledge, and expertise, and we appreciate the dedication of our employees.

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