General contractor for design and construction

General contractor for design and construction (Design and Build)

With superior advantages, the Design & Build (Design & Build – D&B) general contractor model is increasingly being applied in the construction industry. The Design & Build general contractor model is suitable for large, complex projects that require synchronization and high quality.

HUCONS has a team of engineers, architects with many years of experience in the construction of residential and industrial projects who have implemented many projects with the Design & Build general contractor model with notable projects such as: Mai Linh Retreat, Tân Phú Multispecialty Hospital, Tuấn Anh Company’s Plywood Warehouse, Mitsubishi New City,…

The Design & Build general contractor model has the following advantages:

– Time and cost savings: This helps investors eliminate many complex stages in the project implementation process from Design – Bidding – Construction through focusing on a single point of contact – HUCONS. This ensures time, and cost savings and ensures efficiency in risk management, supply of materials, equipment, construction, and acceptance inspection.
– Enhancing the synchronization and effectiveness of the project: Ensuring synchronization between design and construction from the early stages of the project to handover. This ensures that the project quality meets the requirements of the investor, thereby improving the effectiveness and quality of the project.

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General contractor for civil and industrial projects

HUCONS is a powerful general contracting construction unit, as evidenced by numerous completed projects across the country. We possess a team of engineers and architects with extensive experience in the construction field, understanding various regulations, technical standards, and the ability to effectively manage and coordinate work tasks.

Moreover, We pay attention and consider to providing our customers with optimized pricing plans that match the quality requirement of the construction and the services. By applying advanced technologies along with a high-quality workforce, HUCONS has optimized the construction management process and brought about superior benefits such as:
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    Shortening construction time
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    Strict control of quality and safety
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    Maximizing cost savings, enhancing customer efficiency

Construction of mechanical and electrical systems (MEP)

With extensive experience in management and engineerin , we are fully capable of undertaking the role of MEP Contractor for your project, from the construction to the completion and handover of the mechanical and electrical systems and fire safety systems.

Our mechanical and electrical construction activities includes:
• Electrical system: Installation of lighting systems, power systems, control systems, information systems, etc.
• Water supply and drainage system: Installation of water supply systems, drainage systems, wastewater treatment systems, etc.
• Air conditioning system: Installation of central air conditioning systems, local air conditioning systems, wind systems, etc.
• Elevator system: Installation, maintenance, repair of elevators, etc.
• Fire safety system: Installation of automatic fire alarm systems, firefighting systems, etc.

HUCONS commits to fulfilling your company's requirements in terms of construction capacity and project completion time. Simultaneously, we strive to discover cost-effective solutions for investors, adhering to our slogan of "Quality - Safety - Progress".